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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

Originally Posted by CoulsonFan
I think they'll always have a hard time getting the general audience to tell the difference between a Marvel Studios film and a film from Fox that has a Marvel logo on it.
You know, I think people are already starting to recognise. Having two films come out in one year is a great way of letting people know, and I think post Avengers, things will definitely be all about Marvel.

When I saw Thor, and the Captain America trailer came up, everyone was silently watching it, but when the 'Marvel Studios' thing came up, in the transformation scene, I heard several audible "Awwww, it's MARVEL!" and you could suddenly feel the energy in the whole room raise. It was really, really exciting to be in a room full of non-comic fans (because they would have KNOWN it was Cap instantly if they were) get just as excited as me.

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