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Default Re: MCU: The Marvel Cinematic Universe Official Discussion

Originally Posted by BatsDC View Post
Would it be possible for Marvel to buy back some characters from the different franchises? Like, some mutants from the X-Men, some villains from Spiderman etc. Fox still keeps it's X-Men license and we get say Scarlett Witch back.
I don't think they'd entertain this idea. It would be far more difficult, legally, and far more expensive to pick a studio's deal apart a la carte than to take everything back at once.

I'd like to see Marvel get Fantastic Four and Daredevil back from Fox (both of these properties are fairly useless to Fox right now, even if they can't officially acknowledge it.) With X-Men, Fox have more characters than they could ever exploit and a self-contained superhero universe concept. If they let Bryan Singer run that series, they could keep going for a very long time.
I'm assuming there will be no Ghost Rider 3, in which case that property will revert to Marvel a few years after the next movie. Like X-Men, Spider-Man is pretty much gone for good. I doubt we'll soon see an end to Sony recasting, "rebooting" it like it's the Bond franchise.

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