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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by afan View Post
It's about both..........However having an all powerful Superman eliminates stories like "Panic in the Sky" an episode of the George Reeves TV series, which featured both a physical challenge to Superman and an exploration of his character.
It also features a collaboration between Superman and Earth science to remove the threat. Another facet of the character I prefer....(and I dare say de-powering him is the only way to make it possible) .....that Superman cannot prevent any and all crimes or disaster's both natural and man-made...That he is not looked at as the saviour of Earth by it's populace, but rather a valuable ally, and often it is only that collabortaion that wins the day..
I believe there was some reference to kryptonite being in the asteroid, which is the reason it weakened him enough for the impact to give him amnesia.

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