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Default Re: Superman's power level

Originally Posted by Alientraveller View Post
Forgive me if this idea might've been brought up before, but I think it would be good if Superman starts the film with his classic powers of flight, speed, superstrength, bullet bouncing and enhanced senses. Zod and Faora keep pushing Superman to the point he discovers the true depths of these powers (I'd imagine this Superman is early enough in his career to not have a reason to break the sound barrier before.)

Even as a child, I found Superman's x-ray and heat vision and cooling breath a bit random. It'd be neat to emphasise Superman's abilities to see infrared light and microscopic detail alongside x-ray vision to make it feel less random. I think heat vision and freeze breath could be something Superman discovers during the course of the movie as he has summon more strength to fight the villains. I'd love it if the sound effects guys gave this sense Superman is charging and absorbing more solar rays to power himself (gosh I'm making Supes sound more and more like Solarman, ha just found there is a Wikipedia article for such a character).
Sounds interesting.

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