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Default Re: Batman Forever had the best merchandising of ALL the Batman films

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
That's like typical James Bond stuff. In Batman Forever, the Batmobile DRIVES UP A ****ING WALL. An adult wrote that. Now I'm done talking about it.

an adult also wrote the scene with a tank driving on ****ing ROOFTOPS. is that not what the batmobile did in Forever? except they only showed it driving up the wall which honestly looked way cooler and secondly makes about as much sense as a 2 ton tank riding around on roofs when in real life would have crashed down into someones apartment due to the weight.

seriously, just admit that ALL the batman films did some crazy sh** with the batmobile and that all of them defy gravity and logic. dont single out batman forever simply because you didnt personally like it.

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