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Originally Posted by DW4 View Post
RDJ has turned Iron Man into a regular superhero, who might not even of been known of by non comic fans into a huge mainstream character with worldwide appeal. Iron Man is not one of the top Marvel superheroes among Spider-Man, Wolverine and Hulk. RDJ pretty much did all of this with his performance as Tony Stark. They even hired an actor on the The Avengers: EMH to sound exactly like RDJ.
I feel IM has always being pretty high up on the list, he has being and original Avenger since the 60's.
Sure he doesn't have 20 different comics on the go like Spidey and Wolverine and thats a good thing, more of there stuff suck (and Spidey is my top character) but overuse of a character isn't always a good thing.

Also I would love RDJ to stick around for more, but lets be honest he isn't getting any younger, so they would have to film a few back-to-back to get him while they can, cgi can work to de-age IF done well, but I'd rather they don't go down that road.

After RDJ is gone, give Iron Man a rest while they bring in new people, then carry it on, not reboot just recast.

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