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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by E-Man View Post
To hedge their bets on what Hulk version should accepted, the next Hulk movie should be an adaptation of World War Hulk. It has the smashing that people crave, but by that time Hulk was already developed to be intelligent. There could be some philosophical and existential goodness right along with the smashing and beat downs that the average person expects from Hulk. We all know who the Hulk is and how he got there. Just flash forward to that part. Hell that could even be an Avengers sequel.
The World War Hulk is the same Hulk as the Gravage or Green Scar Hulk.

The philosophical and existential aspects of Ang Lee's Hulk is what really appeals to me. Hulk is one of those characters that has many mythological facets to play off. There was a little of it mentioned in The Incredible Hulk movie and even more in that script, that I regret was not used in the final cut, the movie would have been so much better. But Angs movie hit the nail on the head for me. The whole idea of creating "Super Soldiers," without using the name sake, was prevalent and I loved how the idea that Bruce's father passed the genes of experimentation into Bruce, which bought credence to Bruce surviving the whole Gamma juice up, and further his father using his son's DNA to "break God's barrier" as well. It even gave justification to Hulk's adaptability and healing. I thought the movie science was well thought out. The only other two comic book films that come close to doing a satisfying job on the esoteric philosophies on the limits of man were Nolan's Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

In Angs Hulk, I really thought Nick Nolte played his character well, and I couldn't understand why some people thought he played it over the top?

I really hope Marvel Studio's will do another Hulk film and not skimp on the story, in preference for the action. The Nolan Batman films prove that people will watch and buy into a good Super Hero movie that's not campy, if the story is good.

"Well, one thing I’ve been saying is that on the TV show they should make the Hulk a bit more intelligent." Stan Lee 1978 Interview

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