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Anybody remembers those ideas for an iron man trilogy similar to star wars with iron man 3 having the mandarin and all that with a big finalle?
Not happening, in least most of it, mandarin may appear but now with the change of director iron man 3 is supposed to be more of a stand alone film with more realism, sincerelly i don't thing Downey will leave after IM3, Marvel studios still considers him very valious since he's one of the things that mede the cinematic universe popular in the first place.
And regarding characters that were or weren't popular to those outside the comics i'll just say that 2 years ago i wasn't part of the comics fans and so i can easily say that i didn't know iron man until i read civil war and the film was made, he may have been important for the avengers but he wasn't really well known, i even remember Thor a bit, and from the avengers the most popular was always hulk and Captain america, i used to think cap was the big leader.

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