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Default Re: Thor game making progress

Picked this one up today. Took advantage of that Gamestop deal where you get an extra $10 if you trade in 3 or more games.

The game is fun. It's definitely no God of War, but it's a good start for future Thor video games. The combat is interesting. Thor has a lot of different combos and powers at his disposal, but some of them are tricky to pull off because they're one button, or a split second different than another combo. The grapple moves are pretty cool though. Some are tricky, and I do like that the enemy can counter - and you can counter that.

The graphics are good, but the cut scenes are nowhere near as good as they should look. I saw some cut scene graphics that looked awesome - I'm guessing those were for the Wii version, because I don't see them anywhere in the XBOX version.

Overall, it is fun to play as Thor, and the developers did pay attention to what went into the game. Unfortunately, just not ENOUGH attention as they should. It's definitely not a bad game, but it's far from great. It's fun, it's entertaining, and it's a nice warm up to what's sure to be one hell of a comic book movie.

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