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Default Re: What other supporting characters would you like to see?

Well I think the sequel should be in asgard and not earth just because the avengers will take place on earth and there is lots of time to showcase Thor being a hero there in those sequels which you know there will be lol , so the warriors three and sif should have bigger roles . It would be a good time to introduce balder and karnilla would aslo be a good choice .

One character I find intrersting that was not used in the comics alot , that I know of . I am only now getting into reading them was sigyn . I think she would be a good character to bring to life just for the simple fact that she is so loyal to someone that is evil without being evil herself and it would be intresting to see her motivations for it .We see alot of thors relationships with jane or sif , but only a little of loki's and how different they are . And I think she would contribute to loki's more vulnerable side especially in the beginning when he feels the most alone and have him come back in the sequel and claim her like he does in the comics . This first movie would have been a good way at least introduce her not as his wife but someone who catches his eye and is kind to him but remains in the backround .

thats my opinion anyway ...

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