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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by Spidey 2007 View Post
Well I can see the Iron Man 2 hate from a mile away in this thread haha. I think we can all agree that we are getting movies from Marvel studios that are above and beyond. I personally didn't expect this level of quality. I truly LOVE every one of them.

I personally will never get the hate for Iron Man 2 and all the nitpicking. Why cant we just be happy were getting an Avengers film. Good lord, this is revolutionary.. and people complain about Iron man 2 being an extended trailer for avengers? thats amazing! its the Marvel Universe come to LIFE. Iron Man has always had guest stars and various other characters in his books, without them, it isnt Iron Man. It boggles the mind.
I kinda liked IM 2 but didn't love it. The reason? It has an unfocused story arc for Stark, villains that weren't threatening, an overly annoying Tony Stark who seemed to have forgotten all the lessons he learned in part one, supporting characters who weren't endearing, etc. IM 2 was just unfocused and lacks emotion, it lost the heart of what made IM 1 so damn fun. It turned Stark into nothing but a jerk with a mouth, and I didn't care for him or sympathize with him because there weren't many emotional or dramatic scenes for Downey to chew on.

Anyways here is my ranking: Thor and Iron Man are almost tied, but Thor I give Thor a slight edge, Incredible Hulk and IM 2 are tied but I give TIH a slight edge because it has got more emotional and dramatic weight and more tension. 2 very good films, 2 average films, and I hope Cap's film will be at least equal to Thor and IM.

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