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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread!

Originally Posted by ddddeeee View Post
Got my boxset today. Watched the DVD also. Great to see the love these two obviously stll have for each other even if they don't blatantly show it.

Listening to Big Fish first, glorious stuff.
Yeah I'm enjoying the heck out of this box. I've already listened to every disc. I even downloaded all the music to my iPod . So I can preserve the box. I've watched the dvd already as well. Right now I'm listening to the bonus music on the Skeleton USB drive. Still haven't read that enormous book. Trying to find a good time to read it. But I'm happy with it. it was worth gthe LONG wait, imho.

Originally Posted by Mace Dolex View Post
Ever since hearing Elfman's Batman theme I've always been anxious to hear his other music, my favorites being the Flash theme, Darkman, Wanted.

But his music to Ang Lee's Hulk couldn't even make a dull movie great and except for his Spider-Man theme the rest of the score wasn't that impressive.
Strongly disagree with you on both scores. I hear haters and fans of Ang's Hulk (and of Elfman) praise Elfman's score to it. It's really unique to his other superhero scores. I think the score enhances a lot of scenes. Tracks like

"Hulk Out"

"A Man Again"

"The Lake Battle"

You can't tell me those tracks are dull. I didn't even include the Main Title, which is great itself, but isn't the only great cue on the soundtrack.

Elfman's Spiderman score had a lot of impressive cues, imo. Main Titles, Costume Montage, Revenge, City Montage, Parade Attack... I can go on and on and on. That is one underrated score, imo. And doesn't deserve any of the negative criticism it gets from the fans , but oh well. I'll take Elfman's Spiderman scores over any generic MV/RC score anytime and anyday.

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