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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

I've yet to see, it so I'm not going to vote yet. However, I'm going to evaluate Thor on it's own terms. Just as the Thor comics were very different from the Iron Man comics (excluding Avengers and crossovers), Thor and Iron Man are likely to be very different in tone.

I think the first Iron Man, was exactly what Iron Man should be, a futurist. Now let's be honest about believablility in comics, none of them are believable. But Iron Man to me feels the most "believable" because they didn't try to make some dystopian city, ala Batman Begins. It was very much set in the real world, and dealt with real issues like terrorism, and weapons in the hands of terrorists, which was far more contemporary than anything delt with in any other Superhero move.

I don't at all expect Thor to do that. It has to work on it's own terms, so to put it on that scale would be futile. Honestly anyone comparing Thor to the Dark Knight needs to have their head examined. Two totally polar opposites.

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