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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
Honestly anyone comparing Thor to the Dark Knight needs to have their head examined. Two totally polar opposites.

You can compare them in the sense that they're both comic book/superhero movies and which you as a viewer enjoyed more. It WILL undoubtedly lead to a TDK debate hijacking the thread if not watched closely, though.

For myself, I enjoyed Thor 1000% more but then I'd rank just about any superhero film above TDK; even ones that have vastly poorer production value like Catwoman & Elektra(hey, they suck ass, sure but at least they never did the cinematic equivalent of peeing on my leg while trying to convince me it's raining).

Current comic book TV show grades(ones that I watch, at least): Agents of Shield-[season 1: B-][season 2: B+]\The Flash-[season 1: B+/A-]\Arrow-[season 1: B+][season 2: B][season 3: C]\Agent Carter-[season 1: A-]\Daredevil-[season 1: A+]\iZombie-[season 1: A-]

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