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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by Hush View Post
I do not know why people hate on TIH so much, damn good film if you ask me. It managed to do what IM2 tried to do which was stuff the film full of Avengers goodies and managed not to seem like a big ****ing ad for the movie. Not to take away from IM2 which I enjoyed tremendously, Thor did what the original IM did which was established its self with the CMU presence being felt but only subtly it actually felt like a comic book come to life to me.
I liked TIH a lot. I just feel like the others were better. Iron Man 2 only slightly edges it out for me. But I'd say that so far, Marvel has been batting 1000 with these. This just puts more pressure on Captain America, but judging from the trailer, I'm sure it'll kick all kinds of ass.

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