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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

First off, I don't think Marvel Studios has put out a bad movie. Sure TIH will probably be the least successful of the bunch, but that's mainly because it had the baggage of Ang's horrible film. I think Marvel screwed up pinning TIH as a pseudo sequel/reboot, rather than just come out and flat out say (this has nothing to do with the other film). They screwed up by initially trying to get Bana and Connelly to come back. They should have never entertained that thought, but they were trying to half appease fans of Ang's film, what few there were.

Having said that TIH is an enjoy to watch every time I veiw it. The Rio rooftop chase was way better than the one in Fast 5, IMO. More action, and a real enemy, no Absorbing Dad. By the way I remember when AICN broke the news of Absorbing Dad, and the Ang lee apologists swore that it was a lie, and said that Talbot was the main villian and it would be Hulk battling the military. Then we got Absorbing Dad, and you didn't hear a peep out of those folks.

Anyway I can have arguments all day long about which film is better, the fact is every single one of the Marvel Studio films is of the highest quality and taken seriously. No half ass treatment like the Fantastic Four movies. No pissing off the fan base ala Hulk and X3.

Thor fits right in with the MCU films, and it's more than worth the price of admission. Iron Man is my favorite of the bunch, but I'm biased because Iron Man has always been my favorite Marvel character. I've been going by the Tony Stark handle when this site was Spider-man hype! But also because it was the first of the Marvel Studios films, and it was groundbreaking.

I know it drives some people nuts how the continuity connects all these films, but that's exactly what Marvel has been about. It's been done descretely and allowing each of these films to feel like a self contained entity. Downey's cameo in TIH, does not distract from the fact it's a great movie in it's own right. Same can be said of Hawkeye in Thor.

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