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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
That was never true. It's just that those who liked b*tching about it were the most persistant around here. I felt no need to keep on defending it. It stands on it's own w/o any help from me and the public liked it. Critics did as well. Whether some fanboys got their panties in a bunch over it was hardly worth worrying about.
Oh yeah and you know what the public likes? What are you a reporter for E Network?

You obviously get defensive when people dislike IM2 so you pull that "The public liked it" horse****. You don't know what the public likes, just because you and several of your friends liked it, doesn't make it the public. I thought Iron Man 2 was a mess and bad movie , and so did the four other people i was with think, doesn't mean iam gonna say the public think it's badYeah sure the movie made a decent amount of money, but lets not get into the argument of movies that weren't good making alot of money ad vice versa.

Same thing with "Critics liked it" Who gives a **** if critics liked it doesn't make it a definitive good movie.

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