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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

Well lol I've been around here for a long while, and as a comic fan myself I understand how some don't like anything changed with their characters lol. And I do understand that.

I will be blunt and say I really don't know a lot about Hulk. I'm mainly a DC guy, and Batman and Supes were the ones I was closest with. So I see where your coming from with some of that.

I agree the body of Hulk I did not care for as much, and I thought some of the design was odd.

As for the other stuff I guess I don't know enough, but I felt that what origin they did create was a good one, I know making David the Absorbing man may have made some mad, but I really liked what Ang Lee has done.

Many of us Bat fans have talked about changes in film done to characters in comics. But I will say this one thing. Comics are mosaics, they are not as static as some want to believe. I think if the core of the character is there, they can change a lot of things as long as some of the core elements remain. Comic writers/artists in the Bat world have changed things, altered things and had different interpretations. I see film as no different. It may not have been exactly what fans wanted, but as you said it was a great film, and sometimes I enjoy change and it can give a different view of a character.

But again I don't know a lot about Hulk, though I enjoyed the movie immensely and would have loved to see a trilogy made around it. Maybe some day you will get the Hulk the fans really want and deserve. But for now I was just very very impressed with this film. I admit it got me choked up a few times, especially when he screams "Take it TAKE IT ALL!!!!" But yea good film though I'm glad I got it on blu now.

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