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Default Re: Is Thor Cooler Than Iron Man?!

God ... no wonder they called this place the "hype". That's all you guys do. This lot of fans has such short memory banks. I remember last year reading here people saying Iron Man 2 was way better than the original right after it came out, while to most none punch drunk love with the new thing people knew it wasn't even close to its predecessor.

Same goes here.

Thor was a little charming at times ...

But you're comparing him to Robert Downey Jr. The range he has in his performance as Tony Stark is what made the entire movie. Not his scenes in a mechanized robot suit, but his character arc scenes.

Downey Jr's Stark had a wider emotional range, and was just flat out more charasmatic and bad ass. Funny, emotional, the whole nine yards. Still one of the standards, along side Bale's Bruce / Batman, Reeve's Clark / Superman, and Bana's Banner / Hulk, Snipes' Blade for my money ...

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