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Default Re: Thor Sequel Ideas

Originally Posted by Blackman View Post
Where are some ideas for a Post-Avengers Thor movie? Characters who should be used? Stories that should be used?

I have no knowledge other than the first movie and wikipedia on Thor. Are there any villains other than Loki who can hold his/her own film? Because I imagine they might not wanna use Loki since he's already in The Avengers. Enchantress seems interesting but it seems Im not sure if as a villain she can hold a 2 hr movie.

I also suspect Sif/Thor's relationship will be used more. And I hope the Warrior Three will be bigger
Whenever Enchantress shows up the Executioner is usually right by her side, so you don't have to worry about her holding the film by herself.

Also, I'm sure those two would be in league with a someone like Loki or Malekith to help them set some nefarious plot in motion.

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