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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

I still think ILM's CGI blows the CGI from The Incredible Hulk out the water, even though it came out 5 years prior. I even prefer the build of the character in Hulk. Why? He's HULKING. He's a huge brute. I like the design being based more off body builders / world's strongest men type as opposed to the more lean, athletic, middle linebacker type physique of TIH. His muscle is realistic. Muscles don't stay flexed 24 / 7 ... they flex when being used. And yet still Angry Man was physically more impressive than The "Incredible" Hulk.

I mean he throws a tank half way across the desert. Rips a dog in half. Flexes his neck muscles to the point it breaks one's jaw. Swing a whole tree like a baseball bat. Gets taken into the stratosphere and survives a fall from the top of the earth. Makes a small earth quake in San Francisco. BODY SLAMS a commanche helicopter. And survives a nuclear blast.

That is Incredible.

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