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Originally Posted by bullets View Post
I don't mind if they stop making Iron Man films after 3 and maybe reduce his role in the Avengers 2 and possibly 3. Then they can focus on other characters in the meantime.
It's hard to imagine someone else in the role so hopefully there is a decent gap before it happens.
I agree,I don't get why age is an issue though since RDJ is not that much older than in IM1 and I'd like to see a super hero on film get older&older than just a reason to reboot,RDJ signing for more is a whole different issue though!!!

IF RDJ leaves and Marvel don't feel to re-boot or want to re-cast,They can just have him do a cameo or have other characters mention in Avengers 2 that Stark retired or has gone on to do things on his own for a while,Then have Stark/IM re-cast for Avengers 3 then eventually re-boot!!

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