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Default Re: Is Thor Cooler Than Iron Man?!

Originally Posted by TerryTate View Post
Stark is a charismatic, reckless, alcoholic, womanizing playboy ...

Total opposite end of the nerd spectrum.

He's just naturally gifted with intelligence. He almost does everything within his power to negate his natural abilities because he's so cool and reckless.

Bruce Banner?

Now thats a nerd, a dork.

Thor? Entitled jock like 1st born ...

The mythos and world he inhabits and the names of stuff? Now THAT'S nerdy and dorky.
Tony Stark doesn't act like a regular nerd but when it comes to the core of his character, he's a nerd. He's almost antisocial and works in his garage doing technological wonder. Not even Bruce Banner (if we use the comics as basis) is as good as Tony in computing or doing what today's geek is about. Banner is a traditional science lab geek specializing in Physics and Radiation, Stark is a garage geek doing software & mechanical engineering.

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