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Default Re: Is Thor Cooler Than Iron Man?!

like i said before, i always liked thor more than iron man. before the iron man movie came out most people didn't care about tony stark, that includes me. i was never an iron man fan. i liked the mutant side of things in the marvel universe when i started reading comics or the cosmic stuff. iron man and the avengers were the stuff i never got into back then. but i always liked thor, his solo titles, he had some cool space stuff and i always liked norse mythology.

so for me i say thor is cooler than iron man, i just always liked thor. the movie could have turned out like crap and i still would have picked thor. i just like the character way more than iron man.

now im just waiting for dc's green lantern. then hopefully some more cosmic stuff from marvel. would be nice if they got the silver surfer back.

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