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Default Re: What Villian Should be in the Sequel?

Originally Posted by Aeltri View Post
Much as I like those two I can't see them as anything more than secondary characters. I picture the Executioner (Skógr) and the Enchantress (Ásvöra) as being more morally ambiguous than outright evil in the movieverse. You must remember that despite his Jotunn blood, Skurge's mother is an Asgardian like the Enchantress. Neither of them wants to see Asgard destroyed so there is a limit to how far they will go. No, the primary threat would have to come from the likes of Ulik, Fafnir, Mangog, Malekith and/or Surtur. Those last three are especially nasty pieces of work...
Of course, that's why in another thread I said that they'll most likely be in league with the likes of Malekith or Loki.

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