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Default Re: The Official Mjolnir Thread

Originally Posted by The Morningstar View Post
It does seem that Mjolnir isn't as powerful as in the comics. Mjolnir in the comics allows Thor dimensional travel, transmutation and a whole host of other exotic things.

But to be honest, when was the last time Thor used Mjolnir in the comics besides battering people with it and summoning lightning? lol.

I think Odin was under powered too. He wouldn't need to fight those Frost Giants. He's a frickin galaxy buster and high level reality warper.

Not that i'm complaining though, I guess they can't have the Asgardians too powerful.
I think they struck a good balance with the Asgardians, and make them powerful but not overly so, and in doing so retains some tensions in the fight scenes.

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