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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
Batman has smoke and gas grenades (and a gas mask)
Good thing Captain America isn't effected by that crap, he stopped having sick days thanks to the Super soldier serum.
Captain America has...a shield. Granted, an indestructible shield that he can use as a frisbee, but still a shield.
The shield is faster than Batarangs and can cut thru the grapple gun, it's much more than a mere shield.

Sure the standard batarang isn't very useful in this fight, but if Batman uses flash-bang, smoke, or sedative gas grenades, then Cap is disoriented and at a severe disadvantage,
Nah when Batman is wasting his seconds throwing stuff, Cap already knows where Batman is positioned and throws his shield and rushes towards Bats, giving him a good knuckle sandwhich and knocking him down.
His grapnel gun also provides Batman with far superior mobility to Captain America.
Not with Steve cutting the rope.
Batman will probably know about Captain America's shield-throwing tactic, so he'll be prepared to dodge it,
How can Batman dodge both the Captain America and the shield? He isn't super fast and Captain America has the edge on him.

Batman has better body armor than Captain America
Woah woah woah, where does this assumption come from?

Combine this together, and Batman is best advised to use a hit-and-run strategy, while Captain America will do best if he can keep close in with Batman.
Man with Cap's speed and the shield, it's all about Batman trying to beg for mercy more like it. Captain America can keep it all night long wheres Batman is a mere mortal who will be worn out. Cap only needs a few hours a sleep per week, thats how powerful the super soldier serum is.

Without weapons, it's a tough call. They're equal to each other, and they are both the top fighter of their respective universe, and the best tactician who serve as such for their universe's respective main superhero teams (the Justice League and Avengers/Ultimates, respectively). I'd say the deciding factor is the scenario and luck. Who has the environment advantage, and who gets the first blow, and who gets the best opportunities to strike where, and so on. It's an even match.
Are you seriously implying that Batman can out endure Captain America?
Thoughts on my analysis?
Bias towards Bats. >: (

I don't think Captain America is superhuman.
He is. Ultimate Captain America is even more powerful considering the super soldier serum there also enchances his brain activity so he's like a super computer and learns everything in a few seconds.

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