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Default Re: What Villian Should be in the Sequel?

Those Who Sit Above in Shadow are the mysterious beings who, up until Mike Oeming's final Ragnarok storyline in 2004, were feeding off of the energies created by the Norse gods' constant death/rebirth cycle of periodic Ragnaroks. Odin knew about them for a while, but because he was solely of Asgard, he was as trapped as everyone else within Those Who Sit Above in Shadow's manipulations. After going on a quest to reclaim the Odinforce and gain new knowledge and wisdom, Thor learned that Odin mated with Gaea (Mother Earth, in her Norse form as Jord) to produce Thor so that he would be uniquely tied to Earth as well as Asgard, in the hopes that that would allow him to finally find a way around Those Who Sit Above in Shadow's manipulations. Thor did, but it ultimately required the destruction of Asgard in one final Ragnarok, leaving all of the gods, including Thor, drifting between life and death in a void.

Well, until he returned, obviously.

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