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Default Re: What Villian Should be in the Sequel?

Originally Posted by Aeltri View Post
Lookee what we have here:

Yes my fellow mortals, 'tis none other than the eternal flame! Now methinks a Surtur storyline is definitely planned, likely in the sequel. If it does not deviate too much from Simonson's story, then Malekith etc. might try to pilfer that in addition to the Casket. Seeing as how both items are now in the vault, that would make a lot of sense. On a side note while I have no clue as to what the middle item is, the inscriptions on the stone at the far right spell out 'Those Who Sit In Shadow' in Futhark. Make of that what you will!
I'm definatley rooting for Surtur's storyline being an underlying them in Thor 2, which should lead up to him being the main villain in Thor 3.

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