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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Solidus View Post
You know I saw this film in theaters when it came out. I gave it like a 7.3/10. I thought it was good but that was it and I kinda forgot about.

However in the past few months, I just kinda felt like re-watching it. I was walking through Best Buy and found it on blu ray for 10 bucks. So I said what the hell, and bought it. I sat down and watched last week about 3 times, and I sat down and thought long and hard about it.

To this day I said that my favorite comic films were easily TDK, BB, and SM2. However after seeing this again on blu......I was more then blown away. I think this is the most underrated comic film, and maybe just over all a very under-rated film. Now I would tie it easily with SM2. I know it's unpopular to say that around here but I will say it. I thought the film was incredibly cerebral, powerful, emotional, and just good all around. This I think has potential to be a cult film like Blade Runner in the future. I like Marvel's films still, but I just think 2000-2004 they made their best ones. And I wish they would at least take one character with a serious tone again. Hulk was just that, and I think is very under-rated.

I wish that some how this cult thing got big and they could make a Hulk 2 with Bana and Lee but I doubt it will ever happen. Too bad because it could have been a great series. And I would have loved to see where Ang would have taken it.

Ya some of the SFX was not the best, but for the most part it was brilliant. Man and Elfman's of his best. I can't stop listening to it now. I honestly will say this may be my favorite Marvel film, and its too bad it may never see a sequel.

I rate this film now a 9.3/10

I love it when a film you did not care for that much.....then seeing it years later and loving it.
Thats awesome that you gave the movie another chance, I really wish other people would do the same. As you can see, I started this thread, so as you can imagine I love the movie, and I wish more people like yourself would give it more of a chance as I feel it is a movie that gets better with age and repeat viewings.

Originally Posted by Gamma Ra View Post
Solidus, I really respect people who can show appreciation for something they may have overlooked at first. When I first left the theater, I sat in my car for 10 minutes before leaving, trying to register what I just witnessed and I found myself conflicted. I just saw this extremely great movie that no one else in the theater really liked...that was supposed to be about my favorite comic character, Hulk, that left me wanting. When I got home 20 minutes later I realized what the problem was, the was not close to character that I had been reading for over 25 years. It had elements of Hulk but also things I loathed-

I didn't like the design, OK at best, but it wasn't the Hulk.

They messed up his origin, we comic fans take that serious.

He was too big, why did he keep growing.

All he did was growl. (so what he spoke to lines)

Not strong enough.

Nanomeds (the ####)?

Bana good in role but too big to play Banner.

But other than that the movie is fantastic. I loved the every aspect of it but it just was my icon on screen.

I dont see how the origin had too much wrong and I especially disagree with the notion he wasnt strong enough. With the origin we had Bruce's father experimenting on him, the gamma, harper was in because the rights to Rick Jones belonged with Captain America at another studio at the time, we also had the Hulk's first few transformations taking place at night like in the comics, we also had the repressed rage, Bruce's father killing his mother and even Bruce's father dying in a confrontation with Banner. Literally all that was missing was the gamma bomb, which we got at another point in the movie.

As for him not being strong enough, I have only seen Superman, The Pheonix and The Silver Surfer performing feats greater than the one's Hulk did in Hulk, and thats probably about right with comic canon in my eyes.

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