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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Not really.

As someone who was here when both those movies dropped, both got a lot of love then, and a lot of love now, which is a testament to how good those movies are in comparison to movies that get love when they come out but then are bashed. Not all of us think the newest thing out is the "greatest thing ever". If anything, this thread in particular has fan bias AGAINST SM2 and X2.
Now that is flat out incorrect, and you can go back and read my posts from then. At the time I thought SM2 was a masterpiece and was far superior to the first movie, which I also thought was very good.

I have both Spider-man 2 and X2 in my best comic book movies catagory and best marvel films, and you can go look.

That doesn't change the fact that X2 was really nothing more than an apology that the first film was a notch above a B-movie.

You have to view each of these movies in the time that they were made. I like the first X-men movie, even though it looks like a low budget B-flick by comparison to a movie like Thor. I give it credit because it really relaunched the comic book movie craze that's been going on ever since. I thought given the budget, they did some smart things in that movie, and it is entertaining.

Iron Man when it came out pushed the bar. It was very different from the standard fair and even the critics saw that. Superhero movies were mostly escapism, but Iron Man was dealing with issues that were very much on the front page of the times, WMD and terrorism.

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