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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
"I didnt say accomplishing more in a movie or how grounded a movie is makes things better or worse...except when i cite them as a reason for why some movies are better or worse than others."
I was just stating it as ONE of the things Thor had going for it that the other two didn't, you're took it ENTIRELY out of context.

"I didnt say Thor 2 had anything to do with comparisons between Thor 1 and SM2 and X2....except for when I brought up how Thor 2 could be as epic as SM2 and X2 while debating Thor 1 vs X2 and SM2"
No, I said it could be epic, I didn't say "it could be as epic as X2 and SM2"...I was just stating a possibility, I was not "comparing" anything.

Dosent really make much sense, to be honest. Frankly, it dosent matter whether a sequel is compared to the first film or not. once again, sometimes the first film is better than the second, like Iron Man 1 compared to Iron Man 2. Sometimes the sequel is better, like Spider-Man 2 compared to Spider-Man 1.
Makes perfect sense to me

Calm down, you're blowing this WAY out of proportion


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