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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
What you just described is they lost their "newness." So has IM1 and TIH. One day Thor will lose it too. It probably doesn't help that most people on this board watch these films way more than intended. They're mean to be broad entertainments. Sometimes they are made sharply and intelligently by filmmakers who want to make a good movie (Sam Raimi, Bryan Singer, Jon Favreau, Kenneth Branagh), but with the exception of Christopher Nolan, few have attempted to make thematically dense cinema. In short: watching something like X2, Spider-Man 2 or Thor a lot leads to tedious predictability because they're not films meant for you to gain something with each viewing. The're meant to excite and impress on first and second viewing...not 20th.

In that context, Thor will fall to the same fate as you said of SM2 and X2. But the first two Raimi and Singer efforts hold up as very good movies. That is not hte case for half of Marvel Studio's efforts (TIH and IM2), while the other half I feel have glaring weaknesses on their first viewings. Iron Man is a boring film to me these days. I just don't watch it a lot and can keep my high opinion of it succeeding at what it aimed to be....a fun escapist popcorn movie. A good one. Albeit, SM2 (and, imo, SM1) did it better.

Heh, well we're on such different pages that it's not even funny. Arguing the various points I think would ultimately get us nowhere. Fans rarely change their minds on such things. All I can say is enjoy your Raimi, Singer & Nolan films and I'll stick pretty much just to the MCU myself.

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