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Default Re: The Official Joker Costume Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by IndyJokerJones View Post
Heya Kelikala, lookin' devious as always. If I was closer to someplace more trafficy than my LCS then I probably would, I might just go as the Eleventh Doctor anyway. And I'm probably gonna be going to Wizard World Philly and gonna see about New York Comic Con.

Also question for you peoples: I'm going to be getting the Magnoli gloves and vest and for the latter which material would be better, the Cashmere/Wool Blend or the Wool Blend (Twill)?
Thanks! Sorry for the long delay with a reply... for some reason I'm not getting notifications for thread updates.

*kicks the Hype*

With a little luck I'll be going to Chicago Comic Con and Mid Ohio Con (just found out I need back surgery in two weeks so I'm not sure how long my down time will be). Kinda got left in the dust on Free Comic Book day, but a friend of mine was nice enough to pick me up the comics I wanted and the Green Lantern heroclix!


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