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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Heh, well we're on such different pages that it's not even funny. Arguing the various points I think would ultimately get us nowhere. Fans rarely change their minds on such things. All I can say is enjoy your Raimi, Singer & Nolan films and I'll stick pretty much just to the MCU myself.
In a nutshell though, you were saying that SM2 and X2 were not as entertaining to you 2-3 years later after multiple viewings, no? The point still stands that movies meant for quick consumption (like superhero films) are not going to hold up over intense scrutiny and years of viewing. You may prefer the MCU films, but they lose their luster too. IM1 in many ways is just following the formula of SM1 which followed the formula of STM. It's a vicious cycle.

Also, I'm not dissing all MCU films. I like IM1 and Thor and I appreciate what they're trying to do by making one connected movie universe. But there is a degree of franchise control to these films where they always have to be hyping and marketing the next one a year or two down the line, and also a sense that the directors are being restricted from leaving any sense of auteur stamp. It limits them creatively, in my opinion.

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