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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
No I've heard others, probably not a majority opinion, but there are others. I'm also one who liked Batman Begins better than The Dark Knight, other than Heath's performance.
Agreed on Batman Begins. I liked The Dark Knight, but it had a few things I didn't really like. But Batman Begins had almost nothing that I disliked. So to me, Batman Begins is just a tiny bit better.

It's hard for me to rate Thor against the other Marvel Studios movies. It's just a little too new and hasn't had time to "simmer" yet. When I first saw Iron Man 2 I thought it was as good as the first. But a little time and repeat viewings made me change my mind. So I think Iron Man is probably the best. I WANT to say that TIH is my favorite, but I'm such a Hulk fan that I know my opinion is biased and probably shouldn't be counted.

So who knows exactly what I'll think of Thor after a few more viewings and a few more years? I've only seen it twice, but my initial thinking is that it's amazing and seems like its rewatchability (is that a word?) is off the charts.

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