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Default Re: Thor vs. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is incredibly fast. Much faster than Thor. She could speed blitz him.

See Thor is fast, but he doesn't have bullet time reflexes, Wonder Woman has.

But... Thor could just dimension dump her. So it's a quick draw really. Can Thor dimension dump Diana before she speed blitzes him?

Im going with Diana. Too fast for the God of Thunder.

Edit: Wow... looking at the poll and some of these pots, seems a lot of people don't actually understand how incredibly powerful and fast Wonder Woman is. She approaches FTL in travel and reflex speed. Thor is no where near that level. Then you figure in her strength, which approaches Thor. If anyone is outclassed here, it's Thor. Like I said, his only real chance is getting a dimension dump off before Wonder Woman reacts. But seeing as she has vastly superior reaction times, I dont think he does.

Thor gets smited.

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