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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by EvilClareToo View Post
Oh.My.God!!!!!!! Has anyone seen Legacy 248????


The moment a lot of us have waiting for! Gambit tells Rogue to ***** off! I really didn't think Carey would give him the balls to do so, but he did. Joy! Hopefully Squeeks can post the page up for those who haven't seen it.

But I felt the whole thing was a real character assasination of Rogue. She came across as a indecisive, needy, self absorbed b*tch, and I hope Rogue fans go on a rampage over this. The icing of the cake was that she took off with Magneto. I mean, really? A sociopathic, geriatric mutant supremisist over a handsome, young, caring, charming teamate who has stuck by her through thick and thin? She really comes off bad here, and I can't imagine a Claremont Rogue, the one I know and love, behaving like this at all!

Well, Remy, hope you kept Tiger Tyger's number!
It was possibly the best day in my comics life in the last decade.

I was stunned too. Part of me is still convinced that Carey wrote it from Gambit's perspective simply to try to cover for all the Rogue love the X-Books have been doused with since he came onto the staff. Gotta trade off somewhere?

Gambit: You know it's a bad sign when I'm de voice of reason...
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