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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Originally Posted by Godzilla2014 View Post
I have no evidence of Captain America having that ability. He still can't see through smoke.

Where do you get the shield being faster than Batarangs? Both are thrown with the same force (Batman and Captain America have equivalent strength), and the Batarang is smaller so it will move much faster than Captain America's shield. It's simple physics.
The edge of the shield is blunt, or else Captain America would cut himself on it, and throwing it a person's head would be a lethal option, which it is not depicted as in the comics. So it's not going to cut through the grapnel line.

Batman's not that easy to beat. He would just get back up. Plus, when Cap throws the shield, he can't use it to defend himself, providing Batman with a small window of opportunity to punch him in the face. Besides, assuming the shield flies in a circle like a boomerang, if he throws it and then rushes Batman, he's not going to catch it on its return trip. It would land away from him, extending Batman's opportunity to attack him. Hell, he could just attach sonic devices to Cap's ears which would hurt like hell and distract him enough for Batman to knock him out.

See debunking above.

He doesn't need to be. The shield can miss (it's not as though it's laser-guided or something), and he would be aware that Captain America may use that tactic. Captain America doesn't have the edge on him.

Batman has kevlar. Captain America (far as I know) has ...some chain mail. Great for stopping arrows, but he's fighting Batman, not Green Arrow or Hawkeye.

********. Captain America is only mortal as well. He's not superhuman (most of the time), only peak human conditioning, in terms of strength and speed. He's no stronger or faster than Batman, he just can keep it up longer. If Batman knocks Captain America out quickly, then it doesn't matter how much more endurance Captain America has.

No. I never said that. Tiring a person out is different from knocking them out.

Bias toward Captain America.

I am not talking about Ultimate Captain America. Just the 616 Captain America.
In terms of physicallity, tho, 616 Cap is superior to the Batman. Just do some research on what the effects of the super soldier serum are. Bruce trained himself to the max of what he's capable of and retain his agility and strength. (which is impressive), but Rogers the maximum of HUMAN efficiency. Really, Bats could never hope to achieve what Cap is in biology naturally.
Again, respect to Bats and his gadgets, but Cap routinely fights brilliant minds with gadgets who fight dirty and in a lot of cases majorly out power him, so I give most of the bouts to Rogers. In a best of 5, I'll say 3 to 2 in Caps favor.

"On Olympus, we measure wisdom against Athena...speed against Hermes...power against Zeus. But we measure courage...against Captain America."

-Hercules, Captain America #444
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