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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Originally Posted by captainrogers View Post
Here's the rub,'s not even just about the power more often than's about how the character has generally been written to use their abilities with thier wits and strategy.
I just see Cap outshining the Bat a little more.
At the risk of starting another argument, I COULD see the Batman beating Spidey in an impromptu fight.Yes he has 10 to 20 ton strength level, spider sense(altho it's been nullified in the books recently), but Bruce is generally 2 to 10 steps ahead of his opponents. Spidey is brilliant, but generally not written as the master strategist, and to my knowlege, a punch will register to him just the same as you or I (altho I'm sure he has a slightly greater level of durabilty).
Cap and Bats are usually written about on par in terms of strategic prowess and fighting ability. It's just that in THIS case the power differential is the major deciding factor.
I think you did it.
Batman vs Spidey? Oh please.
If ( very serious) Spidey hasnt pulled his hand back, then he can make Batman's head come off by one hit, easily.
Bat-fanboys tend to think that thier favorite hero can never lose.


Let’s face it, comic fans are the biggest whiners on the planet.

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