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Default Re: Captain America vs Batman

Originally Posted by captainrogers View Post
Absolutely. Spidey can take Batmans head off in one punch. But would he? Really? Just take how both characters are written, and really take into account, how, storywise, things would go down.
I could see Spidey winning. I could also see Batman coming out victorious.
If we're. Only talking in terms of power, yes Spidey wins. But then why does someone in the sheer weight class of, say, Rhino, go down to Spidey continually?
Im not saying Batman wins, you see.
Im saying he is capable.
You seem to imply its impossible, to outright stupid, to think Spidey could go down.
and yes, I've always found it hard to swallow that Bruce could take Clark down in any sort of match up, but he has, if only because he uses the knowledge that Clark will always hold back.
^ Well said.
Okay I get what you are saying.
Before that I actually thought that you were stupid to say that Batman can actually beats Spidey lol.

Let’s face it, comic fans are the biggest whiners on the planet.

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