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Default Re: Thor's costume - Part 1

Originally Posted by Isildur´s Heir View Post
Kudos for all that made their own costume, it kick major ass

As for the movie.....
Is not that the costume is bad (i give it a 7), but it´s not great either.
Sure, it´s Thor like, but it all lacks the Norse/Viking angle (all of Asgard, from the trailer, miss that angle), and i hate the sleeves, to put sleeves on Thors gives him a very clean look as opposed to barbarian/viking like, he look like a wird biker with a cape and a helmet.

By far the best costume is the King Thor one

He looks Viking AND Regal (he is the Prince of Asgard afterall), i´m just very glad they use that helmet for the movie and nt the original one
He's supposed to look like he's not from earth. That's
the angle they were going for with the costume. To give him a viking look would tie him to much to an earth look which would not make sense for a movie.

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