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Default Re: Thor Sequel Ideas

Originally Posted by R_Hythlodeus View Post
Malekith, of course. I want a big ass battle between the Aesir and the Dark Elves...
On Earth or Asgard? I think the Wild Hunt scene on a bridge would look epic TBH. The great gates and a glimpse of faerieland itself would be awesome as well. They should hire someone like Brom or RK Post to come up with dark elf armor based loosely (of course) on Simonson's original designs. Their pale, flowing hair and fine-boned features may make them look angelic from afar but I would play up their disturbing and inhuman quality. Make it so that they are not necessarily evil but dangerous because of their mercurial and amoral tendencies. That would tie into RL legends about the faerie folk's habit of performing random acts of kindness or monstrous cruelty depending on their mood. Instead of having him hate humans or aesir simply because he's evil (as in the comic) Malekith should have some valid reasons for doing what he does, much like Loki. That's obviously going to require a lot more in the way of character development...

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