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Default Re: The Official 'I Still Love Ang Lee's Hulk' Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Gamma Ra View Post

Believe me I've analyzed it all too, I loved the scene where he gets shot in the chest by the tank and gets up pissed and the tunneling scene was great.

To both of you guys as far as Hulk's strength. I want to see him do some insane acts of strength, personally I wasn't overly impressed. Hey, blame it on his creator Stan the Man. If in essence these are "comic books" come to life so to speak, it's he who said Hulk was "the strongest one there is." As mentioned above Superman fan's, Surfer fans, and even Spidey fans got to see better impressive acts from their favorites. I'd like to see some extreme awesomeness in the strength department. It just bugged me when Hulk tried to rip apart that Gamma Generator and couldn't, then he tried to pick it up and dropped it before he bugged me alright . I know Betty in Hulk mentioned there was possibly no end to his strength...but hell show me something ridiculous.
Haha. So you do want him to pick up an aircraft carrier and throw it on the Golden Gate Bridge. Not that I wouldn't be excited to see that, but I'm cool with him throwing around tanks with the technology we have today.

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