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Default Re: Joss Whedon leading on "Avengers" short list of directors

Originally Posted by Bubonic View Post
Looking at the stuff this guy has directed doesn't fill me with confidence for this movie. Okay so Favreau and Branaugh have definitely surprised me with the quality of their work, but after using Favreau, Letterier, Branaugh and Johnston why did they feel this guy would be the right choice to bring it all together in what should be Marvel's opus.
I guess it would of been impossible to have multiple directors working together towards a common goal, and nothing would get done as heads butted, yet I can't help but feel that it be better than this.
Whedon has shown a talent for pulling off a large cast and creating characters people like. He irritates people with his 'Buffy speak' but I think he was a great choice.

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