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Default Re: Transformers: Prime

"Shadowzone" was pretty cool, although it's kind of a downer that Skyquake could only come back as another mindless, snarling Dark Energon Zombie. And I'd like to believe that Miko HAS learned her lesson, but I wouldn't put money on it.

The 'alternate dimension' aspect of the groundbridge malfunction was pretty cool, and a further plus is that they didn't introduce another one-shot character, AND Megatron is back up and running finally and back to his old self - though for lack of doing the smart thing and killing Starscream outright, he should have at least smacked him around a lot more or at least taken an arm off already. I also liked seeing Ratchet finally get some time 'in the field'.

I really like this show so far, although there's a couple of spots that still need to be worked on if this thing's supposed to last as long as the producers are planning.

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