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Default Re: Thor Sequel Ideas

It should come out in 2014 for Hemsworth's sake. Apparently Snow White and the Huntsman has been bumped up to June 2012: the man deserves a holiday! Besides, Iron Man 3 (and hopefully Ant-Man) can bring in the money for Marvel in 2013. Speaking as a fan and movie buff I would prefer Thor 2 in 2014 because three movies in a row (aside from LOTR) is overkill.

I think Loki, Amora and Skurge are guaranteed. Personally I would like the Council of God-heads and Celestials in a sequel, I have this idea Marvel could use them to set up the universe of the Eternals, Watchers and Deviants. Or they could introduce Balder to build the Ragnarok story arc, writing Thor out of Avengers 2 after three movies to reintroduce him a decade later in a film based on JMS's Gaimanesque run.

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