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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Rate & Review Iron Man 2

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
And later when you said Aliens and Terminator 2 weren't as good as the original ones then my only reaction was
I think you're one of those people who think no sequel is ever better than the original.
I don't want to ofend you but half of those sequels were better, in least TDK, Aliens, Terminator 2, Aliens and Blade II were, the others were good sequels but not exactly better.
For Iron Man 2 i think that the quality is almost the same as in the first film, with the first one nobody was expecting anything extraordinary while with Iron Man 2 everybody was. IM 2 definitelly lost its track but the aditions of Black Widow and War Machine improved it a litle bit, the problem was, the characters and storylines improved the film for the best, but the use of all of them made the film had too many storylines and the writers weren't able to handle all of that.
Well all is opinion, of course. But I've talked to loads of people who like the originals to those sequels better than the sequels themselves. Usually it comes from people who favor a better and more original story over better action/SFX. Not that I think any of those sequels suck(well, TDK does IMO but that's another ball o'wax) but that they just weren't as good or crisp as the originals. But they were worthy efforts that deserved to get made.

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