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Default Re: What Villian Should be in the Sequel?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
I think they need to first firmly decide in which direction they are going to take the sequels. Specifically the first 3 films(1st trilogy as it were). Is it going to be Thor as the mythical god doing stuff throughout the Asgardian realms or are they going to focus more on Thor the superhero to the people of Earth? Once they decide on that then choosing the villains becomes more clear.

It should be Primarily Asgard based.The First movie showed us Thor taking his first steps to becoming worthy ruler of Asgrad-The sequels should continue those steps.In other words the Trilogy should about about Thors journey to becoming King not Thor the Superhero.
Heres my story Idea-somehow a few Midgardian cities and their residents are scattered across the 9 realms and its Thor goes on a quest with Jane Foster and the Warrior three tto restore this cities to their proper location.Meanwhile Hela tries to get the souls of the Midgardians for her goals.She has Skurge and Enchantress under Employ.

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