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Default Re: Batman After Nolan

They should have a number of trilogies throughout the next couple decades, all of them should be part of the same continuity but each trilogy (done by different directors and actors) would have it's own approach.

First is Nolan's "realistic toned" Batman starting with Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and ending with The Dark Knight Rises.

Wait five years.

Another director should create a new trilogy that's based on Batman/Bruce Wayne in his prime. It should be something between the Nolan and Burtonverse. Visually it should be a little bit darker than the modern films. Robin should be introduced in the second or third film. Say what you want about the character but if you're going to tell a complete Batman story from bottom to top then Grayson is an essential character. It would be low to pretend he never existed. But they could make it work. I would like to see Mr. Freeze as one of the main villains. I like the idea of dark meets cold. I'd also like to see Black Mask, the Penguin and the return of Scarecrow. He was never written off the Nolanverse and they didn't push him to the moon so there's still life in the character. There's so much more they can do with him.

Wait another five years. It's time for a new cast and director. This trilogy should focus on Bruce Wayne in his final days. Each film should take place in very different time periods. The first should focus on Batman before he retires. The second should be based on The Dark Knight Returns. And the third should be based on Batman Beyond.

I know this won't go over well with some people but I, for one, would like to see the complete story of Batman told on film. If they can do it with animation then why not live action? Why keep doing origin stories if there's so much more to showcase on film?

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